How to Remove and Install Outer Dew Wipes

By Pat Pearson

Tools needed:
- Masking tape
- #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers
- 11/32" socket and ¼ drive ratchet or "T" handle
- Assorted gasket scrapers, putty knives and slot blade screwdrivers

Hold the new wipe assembly up to the door and place masking tape on the door to mark the location of the lock tabs as well as to protect the paint from the prying process. This is where you will have to insert a putty knife or a screwdriver to pry up the original dew wipe.

Open the door and remove the interior mirror finisher cover with a Phillips screwdriver. It will not be necessary to completely remove the mirror assembly from the car. Be careful not to close the door while the cover is loose unless you move it away from where it would get pinched between the door and the side of the dashboard.

Using an 11/32 socket, remove the two nuts that hold the mirror in place. After that, the only thing holding the mirror will be the outer foam rubber gasket.

Pull out the mirror while using a putty knife or gasket scraper to loosen the rubber gasket between the mirror and door.

Using a gasket scraper or thin blade screwdriver, start lifting the old dew wipe assembly. Work from the rear of the door to the front, being careful not to bend the sheet metal outer wipe. A small amount of twisting will help start the very end where the vertical rail helps keep the end of the dew wipe locked in place.

Here's a pic of working the lock tabs up on the way towards the front.

Here's old dew wipe removed from the door.

If you have a complete new dew wipe set you can skip this step. If you choose to use your original outer sheet metal part of the dew wipe (or disassemble them to paint the trim charcoal color), it is a very simple "snap and twist" process to separate the two halves. Here, I'm removing the outer damaged end in order to install the inner rubber half on the original gray trim.

Vince Rinner holds up the two halves of the dew wipes after popping them apart. Once again, this part of the process is not necessary if you are using the complete set as delivered and not repainting the trim.

Insert the new rubber onto the original or repainted frame. The pressure from the rubber against the rail holds them together until they are pushed on to the door. Make sure that the tab on the rubber side inserts behind the slot on the outer steel rail.

Here's a photo of locking the last tab in place. This is what it looks like from the back side.

Now is probably a good time to clean up those crevices that seldom see the light of day.

Dennis Arthur, a local multiple SVO owner holds the mirror out of the way while the new dew wipe assembly gets it's installation started at the front, working towards the rear.

Just push on the lock tab locations a little bit at a time, working towards the rear of the door.

Here we are pushing in the final lock tab. A small bit of tape at the very end might have been in order to minimize putting any scratches on the vertical window trim.

New window dew wipe is in place. It now butts up right against the inner window seal.

Vince Rinner holds the mirror up while I reinstall the 11/32" nuts that hold on the mirror.

Vince holds the inside finisher in place while I reinstall the Phillips screw and we're all done. Total time was 15 minutes, and that included stopping for photos on the way.

A few side notes. After the install, the new dew wipe had enough tension against the glass that the window would roll up, but the window motor stalled on the way down or would roll the rubber edge over. After sitting in the sun for an hour or two and washing the window, things ended up working as they should.

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