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Thread: Fs- 1985 1/2 2a

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    Fs- 1985 1/2 2a

    I am selling my clean 1985 1/2 2A. It was to be my daughter's first car but unfortunately she passed away last year right before getting her license. I love the car and have spent a lot of time and effort in getting it to almost new status but need to part with it now.

    • VIN 1FABP28T9FF238939
    • Owned since February 2005
    • Former John Huber car, one repaint
    • 81,560+ Original miles
    • Original Wheels (refinished) with new Bridgestone RE11-A tires
    • Original leather in excellent condition with no tears or cracks
    • Original Dash in excellent condition (fuzz on dash panel needs a redo, in ok condition)
    • Original Door panels and trim in excellent condition
    • Original steering wheel, gearshift knob, etc all in excellent condition
    • Clean straight body, few very small nicks here and there as to be expected after 30 years. Always stored and never driven in rain since owning it.
    • Full receipts on the following work done since buying the car (put about 2K miles on it, most replaced in the last 750 miles)
    • Transmission Rebuild and new clutch
    • New Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
    • New A/C blows cold (only issue is a slight squeal at times until the belt warms up, been to two different shops, replaced the pulleys, etc and shaved the new bracket, improved but still squeals until a quick warm up)
    • New 8.8 rear end with upgraded Moser axles
    • New suspension - New Konis all around, new H&R springs, new bushings, SN95 control arms, rear lower control arms, sway bars, front bracing, subframe connectors, inner/outer tie rods, cc plates, most from Maximum Motorsports
    • New brake system - calipers, rotors, pads, brake booster, master cylinder, ss lines
    • New Alternator
    • New cooling system (high performance radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump)
    • New battery
    • New hood pad
    • New front headlights, rear taillights
    • New window motors, switches, power door lock actuators
    • New door and rear hatch seals
    • New exterior door rubber trim
    • New wiper motor
    • New power steering pump and hose
    • New spark plugs, spark plug wires, oxygen sensor, pcv valve, temp sensor, knock sensor, fuel lines
    • New timing belt, drive belts
    • New catalytic converter, 3" downpipe, 2.5" dual exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers (always passed inspection, emissions check clear now due to Classic Auto status)
    • Many other new items and services, fluids changed yearly regardless of mileage
    • Huber tuned engine, big valve head, roller cam. ported exhaust, upgraded turbo, new vane meter, air intake system, LA3, 35lb injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, external fuel pump, upgraded intercooler, safely tuned, dyno from Huber showed 260/295, full check by Gearheads Performance in Arlington, TX last year and no issue with the engine, idles great, runs like a champ. Never had any issues except a bad oil dipstick o-ring that needed replacement and a stuck thermostat, both replaced. Will have the engine bay cleaned professionally but the car is as you see it any day of the week.
    • Have numerous extra parts including new carpet and rear seat (original is still in good condition but was going to replace when planning on a sound system update and dynomat).
    • Extra images located here -
    • Price - $5500, which is a steal with over $8K invested in bringing the car up to like new status. Located in Fort Worth TX but moving to Houston soon.

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    Help Wanted - 1985.5 SVO needs a full resto...

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    Very nice car. Building a house right now our I would add it to my collection. Good luck with the sale.

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    Sold. New owner has been looking for a 2A for a long time.
    Help Wanted - 1985.5 SVO needs a full resto...

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