Rosberg: 367
Hamilton: 255
Separated by 12 points, with Nico in the lead.

Finish points award list:
1st - 25
2 - 18
3 - 15
4 - 12
5 - 10
6 - 8
7 - 6
8 - 4
9 - 2
10 -1

My rough calcs show for Lewis to win the DC:
if Lewis wins the race, Nico could place no higher than 4th.
If Lewis takes 2nd, Nico would have to place no higher than 8th.
Lewis in 3rd, Nico 9th or lower.
If Lewis placed 4th (collects 12 points), and Nico is outside the top ten, then it comes down to the total number of wins for the season to determine the DC. Right now they're both tied at nine wins for the year. if Nico places 3th or higher, he will win the 2016 DC no mater where Lewis finishes.

I suspect that if neither wins at Yas Marina, and they finishes equal points, since they have the same number of wins, then they start counting second place finishes for the season. Which, I suspect, would then go to Nico. So Lewis needs a really large hat to pull something fantastic out of to win the DC this year.

If I was a betting man, I'd place money on Nico.

Practice is tomorrow!