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Thread: 1984 Must/Capri Wiring Diagrams

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    1984 Must/Capri Wiring Diagrams

    available here:

    Totally zoom-able.

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    Thanks Mike, I am sure I will need them in the future.

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    That's one of the ones I had scanned and uploaded years ago from paper prints bought off Ebay.

    Please right click and Save As... with these. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader as they are in PDF format. The diagrams have been scanned from the originals which were on sheets approximately 12" x 24". Thus, when each sheet is initially opened, the quality may seem poor until the image is zoomed.

    1979 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1980 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1981 wiring diagram 1.3MB
    1982 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1983 wiring diagram 1.1MB
    1984 wiring diagram 1.5MB
    1985 wiring diagram 1.9MB
    1986 wiring diagram 2.2MB

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