I have a LA3 computer in my 85 that controls the cooling fan through pin 52 to the normal speed fan relay on a Volvo two speed cooling fan. This works great to keep the car from overheating.

I would also like to hook up the high speed fan relay to pin 55 so it kicks up the speed of the fan when I turn on the A/C. I'm not sure how to do this. Pin 55 appears to be hot when the car is turned on. When the car is on and the wire is hooked up to the fan relay the fan immediately starts.

I would like to splice the wire through the relay under the driver's side dash so the circut is complete when the A/C is turned on thus turning up the speed of the fan. Any assistance on where to hook this wire both going into and coming out of the relay would be greatly appreciated.

I've been stationed back to Fort Rucker and its hot and humid here. Two windows rolled down going 60mph does not cut it down here. I have to get the A/C up and running again.

Thank you for any assistance.